education programs in Ethiopia

SHYE puts education first because we believe that it is the key to personal success and development. All of our programs seek to increase the children’s well-being so that they may continue to focus on their educational growth in an uninhibited way. We passionately believe that the attainment of a basic education leads to a healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling life. Education is truly the first step to attaining our primary goal of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Private School Education

By providing tuition to private schools we ensure that the children have access to quality education with smaller classes and dedicated instructors. We support the children from Kindergarten through the 12th grade, and in select cases, we continue to provide financial support for children to attend University. Our staff members continuously monitor the children’s academic and personal growth through frequent meetings with their teachers and school administrators. The information gathered is then used to address the individual need of each student through either our tutorial services, counseling or conferences with their parents/guardians.

School Supplies

Each year we purchase all of the necessary materials for our children to succeed in the classroom. Typical purchases include backpacks, lunch boxes, school uniforms, school shoes, text books, notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers and crayons. Lastly, we pay for all of our beneficiaries to attend special class field trips or events to ensure that they have access to supplementary educational experiences provided by the school.

After School Educational Support

To supplement the educational experience at school, SHYE provides after-school tutorials in small-group, grade-specific sessions at our facility. Beneficiaries attend tutorials 6 days a week. Each day, students receive a tutorial session specific to one subject, so that through the course of a week they receive tutorials on all major subjects. Tutorials are designed to (i) help with homework; (ii) review the day’s teachings; and (iii) teach new material. The majority of our tutors are recruited from the children’s schools which gives the students the added benefit of having tutors who have a strong knowledge of their needs and the school curriculum. In addition, staff members work with the school system and the tutors to track the grades of the children to identify problem areas and make corrections accordingly.

Summer Program

During the summer months of June-August, beneficiaries enjoy activities such as crafts and computer classes and continue their core studies through on-site and school based tutorials. In keeping with our philosophy and mission, education is incorporated into everything that we do.   The Country Representative and Staff work tirelessly to create and implement a summer schedule that occupies the children’s time from morning until early evening, five days a week,  and a half day program on Saturday.

Safe Haven for Youth Ethiopia is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible where permitted by law.