Class Sponsorship

About Class Sponsorship

We want Safe Haven’s sponsorship program to be a personal experience for every donor while ensuring that every child is sponsored.

As a class sponsor, you will enjoy a personal connection with a small group of children, while providing them with crucial educational and programming services.


Two to three weeks after enrolling in our class sponsorship program, you will receive information introducing you to each child in your class. This information includes a class photo, individual photos and fun facts about each child’s interests. Four times per year you will receive updates on the activities and achievements of the members
of your class.

What Your Donation Helps Provide

Sponsorship donations help to provide the following services: school fees, field trips, school materials, school uniforms, tutoring, hygiene supplies, clothing, shoes, scouting fees, recreational activities and events, and ongoing programming needs.

How Much Does Sponsorship Cost

Sponsors play a vital role in helping SHYE to provide our programs and services to our beneficiaries.
You can participate as a class sponsor and make a difference in the lives of our children for $250 per year.

What if I would like to donate more than $250?
It costs SHYE approximately $2,000 per year, per child or about $10,000-$12,000 per class depending on class size. Donations above $250 will be applied to your sponsored class.

What if I want to donate less than $250?
All donations are welcome and help us change lives! Any donations less than $250 will be directed to a general fund and applied toward program operations in Addis Ababa.