Our Staff

Bethlehem Taddesse

Position: Country Representative

Bethlehem TaddesseIn 2010, Beth took a step that many people contemplate, but few decide to follow when she left a full time position as Sr. Facilities Coordinator, with a Washington D.C. based law firm to accept the position of Country Representative with Safe Haven for Youth Ethiopia and move her life to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Beth was instrumental in establishing the organization as a registered International NGO in Ethiopia, and over the last two years has worked tirelessly to carry out the day to day operational mission of Safe Haven for Youth Ethiopia. Through Beth’s guidance, she and the staff have established Safe Haven’s reputation as one of the best run and most financially transparent International NGO organizations of its size in Addis Ababa.

In addition to her day to day responsibilities, Beth participates in Board meetings as a key contributor to the strategic planning and vision of the organization.

Sara Jemberu

Position: Finance and Admin Officer

Sara JemberuAs an accountant, she is responsible for maintaining the organization’s financial system as well as handling general administrative responsibilities. Sara received her Accounting and Information Systems Management degree from Unity University, Addis Ababa. Sara has over five years experience in non-profit finance.



Tewodros Wubshet

Position: Program Officer

Tewodros WubshetTewodros closely collaborates with the Country Representative to develop and implement the organization’s child centered programs. Tewodros is working on his Masters’ degree in Social Studies from Addis Ababa University.



Kebenesh Sahele

Position: Curriculum Tutor

Kebenesh SaheleAlong with two certified teachers who work part time with the organization, Kebenesh is responsible for our in-house tutorial sessions for our 25 4th grade students. She develops tutorial lesson plans and gives daily tutorial lessons. Kebenesh has over five years experience working with children.



Genet Bekele

Position: Social worker

Genet BekeleAs a trained social worker, she is responsible for supporting our beneficiaries social and emotional well-being as well as maintaining our relationships with government stakeholders. Genet has over five year experience in child development. Her previous work experience was with World Wide Orphans, Addis Ababa.



Lakew Gebre Tsadik

Position: Child Development Supervisor

Lakew Gebre TsadikAs the child development supervisor, Lakew supports the program officer by building and maintaining relationships between the organization and the beneficiaries’ families and the school system. In addition, he is responsible for organizing recreational activities for our beneficiaries including our newly formed soccer league which has 19 teams. Lakew hold an accountant diploma from Entoto Technical & Vocational Education & Training College. He has also taken extensive Soccer Coach Training from Right To Play International.


Bezuayehu Abebe

Position: Jr. Child Development Supervisor

Bezuayehu AbebeAs the junior child development supervisor, Bezuayehu supports Senior Program staff in safeguarding the welfare of our beneficiaries. In addition, Bezuayehu has the co-responsibility of managing our Drama club where members perform plays and put on traditional Ethiopian dance recitals. Bezuayehu holds a Business Management degree from Jima University, Ethiopia.


Hirut Gebre Hewot, Bosena Endayenehe, Denquoi Teferi, Sentayehu Alemu, Berke Tadesse

Position: Kitchen & Sanitation Staff

Hirut Gebre Hewot, Bosena Endayenehe, Denquoi Teferi, Sentayehu Alemu, Berke TadesseOur kitchen staff prepare thee delicious and nutritious meals a day for all 114 beneficiaries. The menu is a combination of traditional Ethiopian diet and other cuisines. It is based on optimal nutritional value and includes meat, vegetables, fruit and complex carbohydrates.



Yeneguse Getachew

Position: Store Keeper

Yeneguse GetachewYeneguse is responsible for the storage, management and distribution of school supplies and hygiene and sanitation material. She is also responsible for measuring and providing to the kitchen staff the food ingredients for the three meals a day we provide to our 114 beneficiaries.


Security Staff

As safety is a primary concern for the organization our security staff protects our beneficiaries, the staff and the facility 24 hours a day by working in scheduled shifts.

Tutorial Staff

SHYE employs on a part-time basis approximately 30 tutors who give in-house tutorials to our beneficiaries. Tutorials reflect the subjects mandated by the Ethiopian school system and include English, Amharic, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, etc. The tutors are all certified educations from surrounding schools.

Safe Haven for Youth Ethiopia is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible where permitted by law.